Successful profiles

A good profile will be detailed and error free and will include:

  • possible photograph
  • executive summary
  • work-related experience
  • educational history
  • personal skills and qualities

Describing skills and qualities

You must be able to draw on evidence to support the skills and qualities descriptors that you choose. This could be based on your skills, your education or your employment history, eg

"I am very determined to pursue my goals as shown by my commitment in achieving a first class honours degree, as well as obtaining a year’s relevant industry experience."

You should select skills and qualities descriptors that are going to be relevant for the type of job you are interested in. You could look at job advertisements for the roles you are interested in and select descriptors from these to include in your profile.

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Select three of the following descriptors that most apply to you:

  • conscientious
  • progressive
  • resourceful
  • ambitious
  • determined
  • focused
  • energetic
  • reliable
  • dependable

Write a sentence describing yourself using one of the descriptors from the list above. Remember to include an example showing how you have used the quality recently.

Here are some example sentences.

  • I am very conscientious and have worked diligently on coursework across all subjects, striving to achieve the highest grades possible.
  • I am a very progressive person as seen by my commitment to protecting the environment. I choose to cycle as opposed to use a car in order to limit my carbon footprint.
  • I am very resourceful, which is a valuable quality when helping to run the local youth club. I am able to plan and implement a variety of activities making sure that I have always prepared alternative indoor activities, if the weather is bad.
  • I am very ambitious as seen by my commitment to be a vet, and I have volunteered at a local donkey sanctuary for the past three years.
  • I am a very determined person and I never give up, as seen when I learnt to play the piano. I am now at grade 6.
  • I am a very focused person, and when I set myself a task I will always complete it, as demonstrated when I trained for and completed a half marathon.
  • When working towards a goal, I show great focus and determination, two important qualities which helped me fully prepare for the Science module earlier in the year.
  • I am very energetic and enjoy volunteering in fast-paced environments such as the children’s youth club.
  • I regularly show that I am a reliable person who can work well within a group or individually. I complete work by allocated deadlines and my high attendance at school means I contribute regularly to team meetings.
  • I am very dependable as shown through my commitment to my part-time job where I have never missed a day’s work.