Blood Brothers - Themes overview

Willy Russell asks several questions of the audience through the events of Blood Brothers, particularly about how equal our society is. Through presenting twins, who have the same DNA but are brought up in such different families, the playwright shows how much our life experiences affect the opportunities we have in life.

Russell also introduces the idea of superstition through the character of Mrs Johnstone. Should we accept that fate is in control of our lives or are other factors more important?

Another theme introduced in the play is violence. This is present in Mickey’s life from when we meet him at the age of seven and gets worse and worse until his and Edward’s deaths at the end of the play.

Illustrations to represent the main themes of 'Blood Brothers': Superstition; Class; Violence.

The main themes include:

  • social class and inequality
  • superstition and fate
  • violence
At its heart, Blood Brothers is a play about the dangers of inequality and injustice.

Song: Themes in Blood Brothers