Forces on charged particles


Select the most accurate description of electric field lines.


In which direction do the arrows of electric field lines point?


How can the unit of electric potential, the volt (V), also be expressed?


Calculate the kinetic energy of an electron of charge 1.6 \times 10^{-19}C accelerated by a potential difference of 2500 V.


An electron of mass 9.11 \times 10^{-31}kg has a kinetic energy of 4 \times 10^{-16}J. Calculate the speed of the electron.


If a vertical wire has a downward flowing current of electrons describe the resulting magnetic field.

An electric wire runs vertically. A current passes through it from top to bottom.


A magnetic field is set up going into the screen and a wire carrying an electron current flows left to right across the field.

In which direction will the wire experience a force?

A magnetic field travels into the screen away from the viewer. A wire lies horizontally in the field. A current runs through the wire from left to right.


An electron moving left to right enters a magnetic field pointing out of the screen. Describe the motion of the electron just as it enters the field.

A magnetic field travels out of the screen towards the viewer. An electron crosses it from left to right.


An electron is travelling through a large area subject to a strong magnetic field.

Which of the following statements best describes its path?


What use is made of a strong magnetic field inside a cyclotron?