Dos and don'ts of evaluation

What to do

  • Do use appropriate terminology.
  • Do keep your evaluation concise and focus on the key points.
  • Do ensure that you are evaluating rather than writing commentary or description. Always explain the effect, or make a judgement on the success or effectiveness of what you have done.
  • Do evaluate against your original intentions. Reflect on how well the chosen theme is communicated in an expressive evaluation and how well the the design brief has been met in a design evaluation.
  • Do make comments on the effectiveness of your development process.
  • Do make comments on the success of the final outcome.
  • Do identify points for improvement as well as strengths.

What not to do

  • Don't write an unnecessarily lengthy evaluation.
  • Don't write description or commentary - you must make judgements on your work rather than telling a story.
  • Don't be unrealistic and ignore weaknesses - if there are areas that could be improved, the examiner will notice and expect you to comment on this.
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