Augustus and Gwen John

Comparison of the painting styles of Augustus and Gwen John.

Brenda Chamberlain

Exploring the importance of Bardsey to the artist and looking at her life on the island.

Celtic religion - from Druids to the Reformation

Development of religion in Wales from the druids to medieval Christianity.

Christopher Williams

Examining the contradiction between Williams' typical subject matter and his beliefs.

David Jones

The work of David Jones in Capel-y-Ffin and the inspiration he drew from living there.

Ernest Zobole

Zobole's work with a limited palette - paintings of the Rhondda.

Gwen John

Study of Little Girl wearing a Straw Hat by Gwen John.

Heinz Koppel

Discussion with Koppel's widow on his life and work. Several pictures shown.

John Elwyn

Appraisal of the work of exiled west Wales landscape painter, John Elwyn.

Kevin Sinnott

Kevin Sinnott's work and his focus on life in the south Wales valleys.