A trip to a school in the countryside

Two girls travel from their home in Kilchoan to school in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull.

Biodiesel as a fuel

Production of carbon neutral fuel - biodiesel - from cooking oil, animal fat and plants.

Bridges over the River Forth

A look at the major bridges over the River Forth in Scotland.

Cars and community transport in rural areas

The reliance on cars in rural areas and the possible alternatives.

Extending the motorway at Twyford Down

Barnaby Bear reports on the building of a new extension of the motorway.

How do you travel to the Outer Hebrides?

Tess takes a ferry from Uig to the Isle of Harris and interviews the boat's captain.

Pros and cons of train travel

Opinions on the pros and cons of train travel.

Pros and cons of travel by bike

Opinions on the pros and cons of cycling as a means of transport.

Pros and cons of travelling by car and bus

Opinions on the pros and cons of cars and public transport.

Public transport in rural areas

A discussion about the need for good public transport in rural areas.