Adaptation of birdcage plant, puffball and star fungi

How can air be used to disperse seeds and spores?

Adaptation of plant life to extreme cold temperatures

How is plant life adapted to survive in freezing Arctic temperatures?

Adaptation of walia ibex in finding a niche habitat

Walia ibex live on sheer cliffs in Ethiopia and have adapted to survive on steep cliffs.

Adaptations for rock pool survival

Professor Richard Fortey examines techniques used by sea anemones to survive a rock pool.

Adaptations of animals and plants

An introduction to the adaptations of some marine and terrestrial animals and plants.

Animal adaptations to a hot climate

What adaptations and behavioural strategies can animals use to survive the desert heat?

Evolution of life on Earth

Introduction to evolution from cloning of single-celled organisms to sexual reproduction.

Evolution of seaweed

Professor Richard Fortey explains seaweed's role in maintaining a rock pool ecosystem.

Migration and response to tidal changes

Professor Richard Fortey investigates the rhythmical behaviour of the Eurydice pulchra.

Natural selection and survival of the fittest

What did Darwin mean by the terms 'natural selection' and 'survival of the fittest'?

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