About Shakespeare - audience and social attitudes

Looking at the expectations and influences of audience and social attitudes.

About Shakespeare - beliefs and superstitions

Look at the influences of beliefs and superstitions on Shakespeare’s plays.

About Shakespeare – language and relevance

An introduction to Shakespeare’s language and his influence on modern English.

About Shakespeare – life and inspiration

A look at some of the influences on Shakespeare’s writing.

About Shakespeare – performance

A look at the way plays were performed at the time when Shakespeare was writing.

How do I put on a Shakespeare play at home?

Theatre director Bill Buckhurst shows how to stage Shakespeare with simple set and props.

How is Shakespeare’s verse similar to modern hip hop rhythms?

Lorianne Tika-Lemba of 'Hip Hop Shakespeare' demonstrates how to rap Shakespearean verse.

Shakespeare themes - Conflict

An exploration of the theme of conflict in Shakespeare’s plays.

What did actors sound like in Shakespeare’s day?

Ben Crystal explains how Shakespeare would have sounded when he spoke.

What rules are there for dressing a Shakespearean character?

Robin Belfield gives tips on how to dress like a Shakespearean Character.

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