Emigration from the Scottish Highlands

Sheep farming as a factor for Scottish emigration, 1830-1930.

Land evictions in Ireland

The brutality of eviction is described in a report from the Illustrated London News, 1870.

Overpopulation in Ireland

How the division of land meant many Irish people lived on the brink of starvation.

Public works in Ireland in response to the Potato Famine

The government responded to the famine by setting up manual labour programmes.

Scottish emigration to North America

The factors that encouraged large numbers of Scots to emigrate to North America.

The history of County Tyrone, from the Normans to the plantations

An interview at Tullahogue about the history of County Tyrone.

The Irish Potato Famine

Brief contemporaneous reports describe the effects of the Irish Potato Famine.

The Irish Potato Famine in Irish folklore

The effects and legacy of the potato famine on the Irish people is discussed.

What caused the Irish famine?

The causes of the potato blight and Irish famine.

Why did Scots emigrate to Australia and New Zealand?

Factors that encouraged large numbers of Scots to emigrate to Australia and New Zealand