Geographical profiling in the fight against crime

Why geographical profiling is an important tool in the fight against crime.

Greenfield sites - development (pt 2/2)

An illustration of the different impacts of building on a greenfield site.

Life in the favela of Rochina

Members of a typical Rocinha family describe their work and their thoughts on favela life.

Mapping crime - Bexley, London

An introduction to the main types of crime, using the Bexley area as an example.

The contrasts of rich and poor in the city of Rio

A look at Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city in Brazil, and the contrasts there.

The effect of the 1991 riots on the Meadowell Estate in Northumbria

The effect of the 1991 riots on the Meadowell Estate in Northumbria.

The origin of counterfeit goods

Who is affected by the complex and global supply lines for counterfeit goods?

Using GIS to map crime on bus routes

Police in Lewisham use GIS to map crime and target their response.

Using GIS to target vehicle crime in Swansea

GIS has helped the police to map and strategically tackle vehicle crime in Swansea.

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