Blaenavon and the coal industry

A look at Blaenavon, featuring Big Pit and the Blaenavon Ironworks.

Britain - an ageing population

Possible solutions to the crisis facing Britain as a result of its ageing population.

Changes in agriculture

Some of the issues climate change in Wales will present to farmers in the next 25 years.

End of the miners' strike in 1985

End of the miners' strike in Blaengarw in 1985.

Montserrat volcano 1997

News report from Montserrat some months after a large volcanic eruption.

One-child policy in China

Discussion of China's population control measures and how it affects one family.

Population control in Kerala, India

Discussion of methods of family planning employed in Kerala state, India.

Tourism in Blaengarw

Potential for tourism in the post-industrial community of Blaengarw.