How to create a story structure

Follow this easy to remember story mountain structure and learn how to organise your plot to build a great story.

How to create a setting

Learn how important it is to pick a compelling and exciting setting for your story.

How to create a character

Six simple steps to help you develop strong characters and make your stories even better.

How to create a comic

Find out how to combine words and pictures in a comic strip format and tell fantastic stories.

How to write a script

Get to grips with how to layout a drama script for actors and directors to follow.

How to write poetry

Learn how to share your emotions, reflections and ideas through writing great poems.

How to make a poster

Need to grab people's attention? Then follow these simple rules about how to write and design an eye-catching poster.

How to create a leaflet

Learn how to create a leaflet that informs and persuades people about what to buy, where to go or what to support.

How to write a news article

Interested in writing like a journalist? Then this step-by-step guide to writing a cracking news article is definitely for you.

How to write a report

Some great ideas to help you produce informative and interesting reports - quite simply out of this world!

How to give a presentation

Follow these top tips about the dos and don'ts of giving a presentation and you'll soon be ready to persuade and entertain any audience.

How to write instructions

All you need to know about writing clear and easy to follow instructions.

How to use maps, charts and graphs in writing

Find out how complicated information can be presented with the help of maps, charts and graphs.

15 class clips

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