Blue Books

The Treachery of the Blue Books in 1846 and the effect on the Welsh language.

Child labour in the coal industry

The work of children in Victorian coal mines with underground views at Big Pit Museum.

Children working in coal mines

What life was like for children who worked in the mines during the Industrial Revolution.

Children working in textile mills

What was life like for children apprenticed in textile mills?

Coal mining and piece work

Explanation of piece work in the coal industry

David Davies and the Welsh coal industry

Eddie Butler describes the contribution of David Davies to the south Wales coal industry.

Emigration from the Scottish Highlands

Sheep farming as a factor for Scottish emigration, 1830-1930.

Growth of Scottish cities

Brief review of urbanisation of Scotland in the 19th and early 20th century.

Health and housing in the 19th century

A report on the dire health of the working poor in some 19th century cities.

Jewish migration to Manchester in the late 1800s

Jewish migration to Britain in the late 1800s and its impact on immigration law.

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