Aneurin Bevan

How Aneurin Bevan prioritised 1950s economic problems over problems with the language.

Attitudes towards WW1 deserters diagnosed with shellshock

The different attitudes towards WW1 deserters diagnosed with shell shock.

Beginnings of the NHS

Memories of the arrival of the NHS in 1948, as people queued up to register with doctors.

Challenges to the use of surgery as a cure

The declining use of surgery in the later 20th century as a cure for illness.

Fleming and the discovery of penicillin

Sir Alexander Fleming on how he discovered the world's first antibiotic, penicillin.

Government attitudes to healthcare

Why do governments make laws about things that affect our health?

Manchester cholera epidemic of 1832 (pt 1/2)

A dramatisation of the outbreak of cholera in Manchester in 1832.

Manchester cholera epidemic of 1832 (pt 2/2)

The impact of poor quality housing in Britain on the spread of cholera.

Surgery of the future

What is the future of surgery?

The development of the contraceptive pill

Margaret Sanger’s development of the contraception pill and its impact on women’s lifestyles..