British troops arrive to keep the peace in 1969

The introduction of British troops into Northern Ireland after the Battle of the Bogside.

Direct rule returns to Northern Ireland

The British government took over direct rule of Northern Ireland in March 1972.

Introduction of internment to Northern Ireland in 1971

Why Faulkner introduced imprisonment without trial in Northern Ireland in 1971.

Nationalists begin to clash with the British Army

How British troops were at first welcomed in Northern Ireland’s Nationalist communities.

Northern Ireland in the 1960s

The failure of attempts to improve relations between Protestants and Catholics in Ireland.

People's Democracy march in January 1969

The march by the People's Democracy across Northern Ireland in January 1969.

Sunningdale and the UWC strike

An agreement for power sharing in Northern Ireland is brought down by a popular strike.

The Llywelyns

A look at how Llywelyn the Great and Llywelyn the Last ruled Wales.

William the Conqueror and the Welsh Marches

After conquering England in 1066, William places Norman Lords on the Wales-England border.

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