What is a plant?

Find out about the different parts of a plant, including the flower, leaves, stem and roots.

What does a plant need to live?

Find out about what a plant needs in order to live and grow.

What are the stages of a plant's life cycle?

Find out how a plant changes through its life and produces offspring.

How do plants spread their seeds?

Find out why plants can be found everywhere from the waterside to hilltops.

What is the role of leaves?

Find out how leaves help plants make food and grow.

What do a plant's roots and stem do?

Find out how the roots take up water and nutrients from the soil and the stem carries them to the different parts of the the plant.

Why are bees attracted to flowers?

Find out why flowers need bees to pollinate them and what bees get in return.

What are the requirements for plant growth?

Plants have certain requirements that need to be met in order to grow. Find out what these requirements are.

Why are plants important?

Find out how plants help the environment and benefit society.

What is fertiliser?

Find out how organic and synthetic fertilisers give plants the minerals they need to grow.

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