Communicating with sign language

A report following a young deaf boy who uses sign language to communicate.

From bully to best friend

A young girl explains how she told a teacher she was being bullied by her friend.

Long-distance friendships

How two best friends keep in touch, when one of them moves across the world.

My identity - being a Muslim

The life of Yonis who lives in Coventry, was born in Sweden and is a Muslim.

My identity - being a young news reporter

Lexie and Navika are participating in an online news service for school children.

My identity - being an Olympic Ambassador

Elijah visits the Olympic site to see the building construction.

New child in class - Ashley's story

Ashley has been to four different schools because she has moved house a lot.

New child in class - Jimmy's story

Jimmy is from a travelling family and we see how he settles into his new school.

New child in class - Robyn's story

Robyn has been to seven different schools because her dad is in the Army.

New child in class - Sara's story

Sara felt excluded by other pupils in schools but her new school is more positive.