As Northern Soul celebrates its 40th birthday, The Culture Show investigates the unique power of the 1970s subculture – one that still inspires fans today.
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It’s 40 years since the first Northern Soul ‘all-nighter’ was held at Wigan Casino in the north of England – an event that sparked the beginning of late night dance culture in Britain.

The underground movement exploded across the UK in the mid-1970s, fighting against the mainstream fashions and popular chart music of the day. Young people travelled for hundreds of miles to dance to obscure ‘60s and ‘70s black American soul records in the North’s former music halls and ballrooms.

In The Culture Show – Keeping the Faith, journalist Paul Mason travels back in time to revisit the dancefloors of his youth. He interviews passionate Northern Soul pioneers and fans – many of whom still attend dances − in order to get to the heart of the “musical religion that refused to die”.  

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