Buoyed by recycled barrels, a structure in a fishing village next to Lagos, Nigeria has just been nominated for a Design of the Year Award.

Makoko is a slum on the waterfront of Lagos, Nigeria; tens of thousands of people live in the fishing village on stilts. With support from the UN Development Fund, Nigerian architect Kunlé Adeyemi has designed a school that floats on 256 recycled plastic barrels.

It has just been nominated for the Designs of the Year 2014, which is overseen by London’s Design Museum.

The three-storey, A-frame structure accommodates 100 children who travel to and from the school by boat. When classes are out, the lower platform is used as a community space: fishermen sit and mend their nets or take naps in the shade.

The school is a prototype for other structures in the community: in 2012, the government forcibly cleared part of the village because it was becoming dangerous.

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