The visual arts scene in Istanbul has taken off over the past 10 years. Nikki Bedi meets three of the coolest and most surprising of these young artists on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Candas Sisman, Erdem Dilbaz and Osman Koc are category-defying artists – as interested in engineering, software and mathematics as they are music, painting and sculpture. They call it ‘nerdworking’.

They create spellbinding public art, installations and animations – one piece uses lasers, lights and software to project onto the neoclassical Haydarpasa rail terminal.

As artist Osman Koc explains, it is not easy to define what nerdworking is all about. “I have problems defining myself to myself, because my background is engineering, and then I started doing artworks” he says. “I also do some engineering work. And my artworks are also based on coding and electronics.”

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