When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, photography was banned. What is it like being a photojournalist in the country today? Tom Brook reports.

Frame by Frame is a documentary by two American film-makers, Mo Scarpelli and Alexandria Bombach. They followed four photojournalists to discover the challenges they face creating an independent voice for photography in the wake of Taliban rule.

“It’s so crucially important to have local storytellers – not only in Afghanistan – but I think anywhere,” says Scarpelli. “Who better to tell that story than people from their own country?”

But there is a problem: it is still foreign media editors who decide which images are published. And often the most beautiful photographs are passed over for more ‘newsworthy’ shots. This means there is a side of the country that is still hidden from the rest of the world.

The film features photographers and teachers who are passionate about telling stories of the true identity of Afghanistan – whether they are newsworthy or not.

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