Bingo is beloved around the world – and particularly in the UK, where some 3 million people frequent traditional halls. But in recent years, it’s been on the decline. One particular challenge has been getting younger players to take part.

“The age group in bingo needs to stretch itself out a little bit,” says Gary Armstrong, managing director of Liverpool’s Pavilion bingo hall.

In response, a surprising new form of the game has emerged. You’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a club night. But the heart of it, its founders insist, is still bingo.

But what would traditional players make of it? To find out, we sent some young, club-style bingo players from Bongo's Bingo to a traditional bingo hall… and traditional bingo players to club-style bingo. What happened next surprised all of us.

Find out for yourself by watching the video above.

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