The giant trolls hidden in the woods of Denmark
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Cheeky trolls that tower over passers-by can be found in the Danish wilds. Constructed using wood found around the city, the sculptor behind them wants to bring people into nature.

Go for a walk in a Danish forest and you may spot a giant troll peeking out from behind a tree, or lounging luxuriously across the ground. These folkloric creatures are made by recycling artist, designer and activist Thomas Dambo, who sculpts the enormous beings from reclaimed wood.

“People always ask me: ‘Is it hard to find all this wood?’ Sadly, it’s super easy all over the world,” says Dambo, who has been scouring his neighbourhood for wood to build with since he was a small child. “I’m doing just the same now, it’s just on this really, really big scale, and instead of treetop houses, it’s giant wooden sculptures on the other side of the Earth.”

Dambo hopes that his sculptures help to bring people into nature, and teaches people “that trash can do amazing things.”

Watch the video above to find out more.

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