Eisteddfod words and phrases

Here's a handy list of Welsh words and phrases that you're likely to see and hear around the festival site (Maes) and on this website, with an explanation.

Archdderwydd - Archdruid

Beirniaid - Judges - the people you either love or hate

Beirniadaeth - Adjudication

Cadair/Cadeirio - Chair/Chairing

The poet who writes the best poem, following the rules of 'cynghanedd' wins the Chair in a special Chairing ceremony on Friday. (Cynghanedd follows a set of complicated rules, which includes stress, alliteration and rhyme.)

Canlyniad(au) - Result(s)

Cerdd - Poem

Côr - Choir

Coron/Coroni - Crown/Crowning

The poet who writes the best collection of free verse poems is crowned in a ceremony on Monday

Croeso - Welcome

Cwpan - Cup / Trophy

Cyngerdd - Concert

Cystadleuaeth - Competition

Dysgwr/Dysgwyr - Welsh learner/s

Visit Maes D (see below) for activities that will help you improve your Welsh language skills

Enillydd/Enillwyr - Winner/Winners

Y Fedal Ryddiaith - The Prose Medal is awarded on Wednesday

Y Gymanfa Ganu - Congregational hymn singing held in the Pafiliwn on Sunday evening

Gwobr - Prize

Gŵyl/Yr Ŵyl - Festival

Llwyfan - Stage - This is the main stage of the Pafiliwn

Maes - The festival site where all the fun happens!

Maes B - Hosts a line up of some of Wales's top bands (Wednesday - Saturday)

Maes Carafanau - Caravan site

Maes D - Welsh Learners Tent (D stands for Dysgwyr)

Oedfa - The Sunday morning service in the Pafiliwn

Yr Orsedd - Gorsedd of Bards

Pafiliwn - This is the large pavilion where competitions, concerts and ceremonies are held

Rhagbrawf - Preliminaries

Preliminary rounds are held before the best three competitors in each event progress to compete for the top prize on the main stage

Tocyn - Ticket

Ysgoloriaeth - Scholarship

Some competitions offer scholarships to the winners to help them hone their craft

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