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Look up Welsh words and phrases with our pick of online dictionaries.

The BBC's Welsh learners' dictionary has been removed because the technology behind it is no longer being supported. A selection of alternative Welsh online dictionaries and resources are listed below.

Online dictionaries

The old BBC Wales dictionary has been restored by Bangor University's Language Technology Unit and published on their website. It includes hundreds of thousands of entries - from general words and phrases to all the latest technology terms.

An online dictionary by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

The largest English to Welsh volume of its kind - available online.

The standard historical Welsh dictionary.

Offers grammar advice as well as translations.

Terminology dictionaries

Several terminology dictionaries are also available online. You can access most of them including Y Termiadur Addysg (standardised education and examination terms) via Termau.org.

TermCymru, a bank of terms used by Welsh Government translators in their everyday work, is also available.

Dictionary app

You can download 'Ap Geiriaduron' to your phone or tablet. You'll then have access to thousands of words without needing internet connection.

Verb conjugator

Use this to see how verbs change according to subject and tense.