Brenin Roc a Rôl / The King of Rock and Roll

image captionMae Porthcawl yn barod! // "We should have brought our blue suede shoes!"
image caption"Dwi heb ei weld e ers Ceasar's Palace nôl yn '74" // "Last time I saw him was at Ceasar's Palace back in '74"
image captionPêl, bwced a rhaw a... locsyn bôch. 'Da ni'n barod nawr am Ŵyl Elvis! // Ball, bucket and spade and... the obligatory sideburns. We're ready now for the Elvis Festival
image captionMae Jeifin Jenkins yma hefyd! // Its thirsty work being Elvis
image captionMae Elvis yn amyneddgar iawn gyda'i gefnogwyr // Elvis always has time for his fans!
image caption"Dych chi wedi bod yn gynulleidfa dda" // "You've been a great audience"
image captionMae Elvis, i rai, yn fythol ifanc // Elvis, for some, will be forever young
image captionMae e'n dal yn boblogaidd 'da'r merched! // He's still popular with the ladies!
image caption"Ble mae'r fan hufen iâ 'na?" // "Where's the ice cream van?"
image captionMae ei yrfa fe wedi blodeuo // His career is blossoming
image caption"Fedra i ddim gwlychu, hon 'di'r unig siwt sydd gen i" // Feeling lonesome tonight?
image captionElvis 'ta Syr Tom? // This Elvis looks like his big mate Sir Tom Jones!
image captionWardrob liwgar Elvis // Elvis has a belting wardrobe
image caption"Oes 'na fyrgyrs ar y fwydlen?" // "Any burgers on the menu?"
image caption"Gwaith caled di'r canu 'ma" // "Its hard work this singing lark"