BBC Cymru Fyw

Nabod eich Pobol // Knowing Your Pobol

image captionGareth Wyn (Ioan Gruffudd) // A very young Ioan Gruffudd played Gareth Wyn
image captionHywel Llywelyn (Andrew Teilo) a Stacey Jones (Shelley Rees) // Stacey, one of Hywel's many female conquests
image captionMagi Post wrth gwrs! (Harriet Lewis) // The infamous Magi Post
image captionHazel Griffiths (Jennifer Lewis) a Ieuan Griffiths (Iestyn Jones) // Both Hazel and Ieuan Griffiths deserved one another!
image captionDic Deryn (Ifan Huw Dafydd) // Bit of a lad was our Dic Deryn
image captionDoctor Geraint (Phil Reid) // Geraint, the dark Doctor!
image captionKaren (Rhian Jones) // Karen was a mechanic, just after Kylie in Neighbours
image captionDyff Jones (Dewi Rhys) a Marc Jones (Arwyn Davies) // Dyff and Marc Jones, candidates for Jeremy Kyle?
image captionDyma Jinx (Mark Flanagan) // Here's Jinx
image captionKath Jones (Siw Huws) // Kath Jones, wife of Dyff and mum of Marc
image captionLisa Morgan (Beth Robert) // Lisa Morgan was a bad 'un (as you can see)
image captionMr. Flynn (Iestyn Garlick) // I think Mr. Flynn was a Traveller
image captionKen Coslett (Phyl Harries) a Linda Coslett (Delyth Wyn) // Ken and Linda Coslett - was he related to Harry Enfield's Scousers?
image captionNorman Price (Glyn Pritchard) // Norman Price was a bit of a fusspot
image captionReg Harris (Huw Ceredig) a Megan Harris (Lisbeth Miles) // Reg and Megan owned the Deri Arms for years
image captionSean McGurk (Gwyn Derfel) // Sean McGurk, who now likes a bit of footy
image captionSharon (Sian Naomi) a Tony (Danny Grehan) // Sharon and Tony - 80's fashion victims?
image captionEmma (Catrin Arwel), Michael Aspel, Diane (Victoria Plucknett) a Cai (Rhys ap William) // Emma, Diane and Cai rub shoulders with the stars
image captionCassie Morris (Sue Roderick) // Cassie Morris disrobes for a charity calendar
image captionAnti Marian (Buddug Williams) // Anti Marian played by Buddug Williams, who played a different character in the very first episode
image captionJack Daniels (Dafydd Hywel) a Glenda Williams (Eiry Palfrey) // Jack Daniels, the aptly named bad boy with Glenda
image captionBrandon (Nicholas McGaughey), Britt (Donna Edwards) a Garry Monk (Richard Lynch) // Brendon, Britt and Garry Monk obviously up to no good!
image captionGlan Morris (Cadfan Roberts) a Mrs. Mac (Iola Gregory) // Glan and Mrs. Mac, two of the most memorable faces of the series.
image captionTeg (Ioland Williams) // Teg was a bit of a favourite
image captionBela (Rachel Thomas) // The unstoppable Bella
image captionHarri Parri (Charles Williams) a Jacob Ellis (Dillwyn Owen) // Harri Parri and Jacob Ellis, two of the programme's first characters
image captionBeth a Sarjant James (Eirlys Britton a Ieuan Rhys) // Beth and Sarjant James, obviously at a bad time!
image captionSteffan (Huw Garmon) // Steffan lost it big time
image captionDerek Jones (Hywel Emrys), Meic Pierce (Gareth Lewis) a Darren Howarth (Huw Euron) // Derek, Meic Pierce and Darren let it all hang out!
image captionDenzil Rees (Gwyn Elfyn) // Denzil drove the septic tanker and worked his way up!
image captionEdgar Sutton (Gari Williams) a Dai Scaffalde (Emyr Wyn) // Two of Wales' most recognisable characters, Edgar Sutton and Dai Ashurst