Hoff Le / Favourite place

Ble mae eich Hoff Le chi yng Nghymru? Where's your favourite place in Wales?

To kick-off the 'Hoff Le' campaign, BBC Cymru Fyw has invited some of Wales's best-known personalities to nominate their favourite place in Wales - and explain why it's important to them.

We're also asking you to let us know about your favourite places in Wales. It could be a well-known holiday hideout or an old childhood haunt. The more unexpected - the better.

Remember to add a few words describing why it's important to you.

Cliciwch fan hyn i ddarganfod sut i rannu eich lluniau a'ch straeon chi. Bydd y darnau mwyaf diddorol yn ymddangos mewn cyfres o orielau arbennig 'Hoff Le' yn ystod yr wythnosau nesaf.

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Michael Sheen - Talacharn/Laugharne

Image copyright Michael Sheen

"Cymerais i'r llun yma ar fy ymweliad diwethaf...ces i weld y lle mewn ffordd newydd, annisgwyl a bythgofiadwy."

Hollywood star Michael Sheen captured this photo of his favourite place, Laugharne, when he was taken out onto the estuary by boat.

He said: "Dylan Thomas's writing has been a consistent source of pleasure and inspiration in my life, whether reading it or performing it, and being in this magical, sensual, mysterious place never ceases to move and stir me.

"On my last visit (when I took this photo), I was very kindly taken out onto the estuary itself in a small fishing boat. The local fisherman and I slowly chugged our way through its channels, past seagulls and curlew and heron, waving to the ladies who worked at the Boathouse and who had come out to call to us as we went by.

"I got to see the place in an entirely new and surprising way, and one that I will never forget."

Katherine Jenkins - Bae'r Tri Chlogwyn/Three Cliff's Bay

Image copyright Dinas a Sir Abertawe

"Mae'n beth od i'w ddweud am draeth, ond i fi mae Bae'r Tri Chlogwyn bob amser yn teimlo mor glyd ac agos atoch. Mae e fel y teimlad o gael cwtch."

Singer Katherine Jenkins says: "It may seem a strange thing to say about a beach, but to me Three Cliffs always feels so intimate and cosy. It gives me the feeling of being hugged.

"Despite living in the area, the Gower was still a holiday place for our family when we were growing up. We'd go on weekend breaks to Three Cliffs Bay - just six miles down the road!

"My auntie kept a little caravan on the clifftops, and I spent long summer days there with my dog, digging out boats in the sand and sitting in them, waiting for the tide to come in.

"The bay really is beautiful, with three curious crags of triangular limestone jutting out into the waves, like pyramids. You can walk right underneath them, through a rocky archway to the shore.

"There's a bit of everything: the sea, the cliffs, the salt marshes, a meandering stream curling down to the sea - and Pennard Castle, an 800-year-old fort tucked behind the beach. Sometimes you even see wild horses cantering along the sands. Talk about romantic!"

Huw Edwards - Mynwent Llanddewi Aber-arth / Llanddewi Aber-arth cemetery

Image copyright Huw Edwards

"Mynwent Llanddewi Aber-arth, safle hynafol ger un o bentrefi hynaf Cymru, golygfa heb ei hail dros Fae Ceredigion, a dyna lle mae cynifer o'm teulu wedi eu claddu, gan gynnwys Dad."

The cemetery in Llanddewi Aber-arth, one of Wales's oldest villages has stunning views across Cardigan Bay. It's also where many of newsreader Huw Edwards's family members are buried - including his father, the late historian Hywel Teifi Edwards.

Alex Jones - Cefn Sidan

Image copyright Darganfod Sir Gaerfyrddin

"Mae traeth Cefn Sidan yn fendigedig - mae'n filltiroedd o hir. Ni'n dal yn mynd yna nawr fel oedolion, fi a Charlie, fy nghariad i."

One Show presenter Alex Jones still enjoys returning to her childhood haunt, Cefn Sidan.

Huw Stephens - Prom Aberystwyth/Aberystwyth prom

Image copyright Janet Baxter

"Mae cân gan 'Los Campesinos!' o'r enw 'The Sea is a Good Place to Think About the Future', a mae'n wir..."

Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens references a song by 'Los Campesinos!'. "The sea makes me feel calm and happy," he says.

Connie Fisher- Hen harbwr y Barri/Watch House Bay

Image copyright Connie Fisher

"Dwi'n rhedeg ar hyd y llwybr yma weithiau a jyst yn gorfod stopio i dynnu llun."

Sometimes when she's out running, West End star Connie Fisher can't resist stopping to take a photo of Barry's Watch House Bay.

"Sometimes you can see the planes coming into land and there's a strange tranquility which is both vibrant and peaceful. That's what's unique about Barry, I think. It's close to the capital of Wales and yet it has such natural beauty. Then, you look in the opposite direction and you're face to face with a big neon flashing fun fair. It has a interesting mix of commercial and natural appeal."

Matt Johnson - Castell Caerffili/Caerphilly Castle

Image copyright Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson: "Fi'n ymfalchïo'n fawr yn fy ardal i - ac ma' Castell Caerffili yn rhywle dyle Cymru gyfan ymfalchïo ynddo."

Television presenter Matt Johnson champions his home town of Caerphilly.

"I've been lucky to have visited a lot of wonderful places in Wales but nowhere comes close to home.I'm very proud of where I come from and Caerphilly castle is something all of Wales should be proud of. Plus I had my school ball there, so it holds a lot of fun memories too."

Kizzy Crawford - Gerddi Tŷ Glyn/Tŷ Glyn gardens

Image copyright Kizzy Crawford

"Es i nôl yna am y tro cyntaf mewn chwech mlynedd eleni a nath fy ymweliad atgoffa fi pa mor sbesial yw'r ardd i fi."

Singer-songwriter Kizzy Crawford reveals her very own 'secret garden' at Tŷ Glyn, near Aberaeron.

Bonnie Tyler - Rhosili/Rhossili

Image copyright Bonnie Tyler

"Fi'n dwli mynd 'na pan fi'n dod nôl o deithio dramor. Ma'r caffi'n coginio'r cawl gorau 'rioed. Mmm, blasus!"

Rock queen Bonnie Tyler sent Cymru Fyw her snap of Rhossili. "I love going there when I get home from touring and the cafe there cooks the best cawl you could ever have with crusty bread on the side. Yummy, love it! "

Derek Brockway - Portmeirion

Image copyright Tim Richmond

"Mae'n braf gweld y tarth yn codi o aber Dwyryd yn y bore a'r mynyddoedd mawreddog yn gefndir i'r cyfan"

Portmeirion is the ideal base for BBC weatherman Derek Brockway's coastal walks.

Lowri Morgan - Y Gŵyr/ Gower Peninsula

Image copyright Hawlfraint y Goron

"Dyma'r lle ges i fy magu a'r ardal gyflwynodd y byd antur i mi. I mi, lle i'r enaid gael gorffwys yw'r Gŵyr."

Ultrarunner and sports presenter Lowri Morgan's love of adventure was ignited where she grew up - on the Gower.

Iolo Williams - Mynyddoedd y Berwyn/Berwyn Mountains

Image copyright Lluniau RSPB

"Tyfais i fyny yng nghysgod Mynydd y Berwyn... bydda i dal yn mynd yno nawr pan dwi isho dianc a gweld neb."

The Berwyn mountains inspired birdman Iolo Williams's love of nature.

Manon Carpenter - Mynydd Machen/Machen hill

Image copyright Laurence Crossman-Emms

"'Sdim ots os yw hi'n heulog, glawio neu bwrw eira, fi wastad yn cyrraedd y gwaelod gyda gwên fawr ar fy ngwyneb!"

World mountain bike champion Manon Carpenter says one of her favourite places to be is at the top of Machen Hill, the trig point between Machen and Risca.

"One of my favourite places to be is at the top of Machen Hill, the trig point between Machen and Risca. Mountain biking takes me all over the world but when I come home I love to head here with friends, or alone, by bike. You can see for miles in all directions from the top and it's always a lovely welcome back.

"The ride up is tough and you have to push in some sections but the ride down is effortless and nothing but fun. Be it snowing, raining or sun shining, it's always a great time... I don't think I've made it to the bottom without a smile on my face once!"

Gethin Jones - Celtic Manor

Image copyright Sportingwales - Ian Cook

"Mae bob amser yn braf mynd am rownd o golff 'na gyda ffrindiau ac ail-fyw atgofion y Cwpan Ryder."

The Celtic Manor's Twenty Ten course is television presenter Gethin Jones's fairway to heaven!

He said: "I love my golf, especially reliving memories of the Ryder Cup on the Celtic Manor's Twenty Ten course. I also enjoy taking my nephews swimming there. And always have a chocolate muffin after (they insist!)"

The Twenty Ten course is also the favourite place of former Wales rugby captain Martyn Williams.

Eleri Siôn - Harbwr Aberaeron/Aberaeron harbour

Image copyright Janet Baxter

Gyda naill ai hufen iâ neu glasied o win, 'sdim lle mwy braf i ymlacio wrth wrando ar glychau'r cychod yn tincian..."

With a glass of wine or ice cream in hand, Radio Wales presenter Eleri Siôn is at home at the quayside in Aberaeron.

Simon Weston - Llancaiach Fawr

Image copyright Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Caerffili

"Fel plant, bydden ni'n mwynhau anturiaethau mawr yng ngerddi ystâd Llancaiach… mae'r lle'n dal fy nychymyg hyd heddiw."

Inspired by the history of Llancaiach Fawr, Falklands war veteran Simon Weston would re-enact ancient battles here with swords made out of sticks.

Elis James - Machynlleth adeg yr ŵyl gomedi/Machynlleth Comedy Festival

Image copyright Monty Trent

"Ma' Mach yn dre' hyfryd 'ta pryd chi'n dewis mynd, ond gyda dros gant o gomedïwyr gorau'r byd yn perfformio, ma' fe hyd yn oed yn well."

Machynlleth's annual comedy festival is the best place in Wales for laughs, according to comedian Elis James.

Lisa Jên - Cwm Idwal

Image copyright Lisa Jên

"Mi oedd y darn carrag arbennig yma o'r cwm ar gadwyn gyferbyn â nghalon i noson y Gwobrau Gwerin."

Award-winning songstress Lisa Jên, of folk group 9Bach, keeps Cwm Idwal close to her heart at all times.

Tim Rhys-Evans - Coed Craig Ruperra

Image copyright Ruperra Conservation Trust

"Ma'r wac i fyny'n hyfryd - ac yn enwedig o brydferth adeg mis Mai pan mae clychau'r gog allan."

Tim Rhys-Evans, musical director of Only Men Aloud, enjoys the stunning views from the top of Craig Coed Ruperra, Caerphilly.

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