Lluniau y Sioe Fawr: Llun // In pictures: Royal Welsh Show: Monday

Mae'r haul yn tywynnu ar ddiwrnod cynta'r Sioe Fawr yn Llanelwedd. Dyma rai o uchafbwyntiau'r diwrnod cyntaf mewn lluniau:

The sun's shining on the opening day of the 2017 Royal Welsh Show at Llanelwedd. Here's some of the highlights in pictures.

Image caption Gee ceffyl bach! Gethin, 2 oed o Brithdir yw'r marchog ifanc yma // Gethin from Brithdir is the happy young horseman
Image caption Harry, 7 gyda tad-cu a mam-gu, Aneurin a Susan James o'r Fenni // You might have heard of the famous Pontypool front row, here's the Abergavenny version!
Image caption Fydd 'na 'sgodyn i swper heno 'sgwn i? // Any chance of a fish supper tonight?
Image caption Dyma i chi anifail ar ei orau, y 'Charolais' buddugol // What a beast! The winning Charolais
Image caption Hedlu arfog ar y maes // Due to the terrorist attacks on London and Manchester, the Show is well protected this year
Image caption "Gof dda rŵan!" \\ Hammering away on the anvil
Image caption Oes gafr eto? \\ There's always a warm welcome for the Royal Welsh Regiment's four legged mascot
Image caption Dringo coed // You are never too old to climb trees!
Image caption Hufen iâ // Local brothers Elliot,2 and Jacob 4 are glad there's such a cool Show right on their doorstep
Image caption Cyfl;e i rwyfo // The rowing lake is a popular attraction
Image caption Diogel yn nwylo Dion // We're all safe in the hands of top cop Dion, 3 from Lampeter
Image caption Ar eu gorau // It's important the cattle are clean and shiny ready for the judges