Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity includes everyone

At the BBC we are committed to reflecting and representing the diversity of the UK. The BBC is for everyone and should include everyone whatever their background.

We are a diverse organisation and have much to be proud of, but we are also challenging ourselves to ensure that Diversity and Inclusion is hardwired into everything the BBC does.

If we get it right, it will be evident in how we work with our audiences, our people and our partners.

Diversity and Inclusion pages

  • Strategy and Reports

    Challenging ourselves to do all we can to ensure Diversity and Inclusion across the BBC.

  • Audiences

    Our ambition is to reflect and represent today's UK in all our content and services.

  • People

    The more diverse our workforce, the better able we are to respond to and reflect our audiences in all their diversity.

  • Partners

    We believe we can make the most impact by working collaboratively with our partners across the industry, and challenging them to work in new ways.