Section 14: Independence from External Interests - Mandatory Referrals

Section 14.2

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Mandatory Referrals

Mandatory Referrals are part of the BBC’s editorial management system. They are an essential part of the process to ensure compliance and must be observed.

14.2.1 When planning to feature a product, service or trade mark over a number of pieces of editorial content (excluding news and current affairs output), broadcast or published in a limited period, such as a single day, referral must be made to the relevant output controller(s) and Editorial Policy, who will consider the cumulative effect.

(See 14.3.2)

14.2.2 Any proposal to use advertising clips in programme trails on Public Services must be referred to the Head of Editorial Standards, Marketing and Audiences.

(See 14.3.5)

14.2.3 Any proposal to accept an expenses-paid trip must be referred to a senior editorial figure or, for independent production companies, to the commissioning editor.

(See 14.3.18)

14.2.4 Any proposal to carry output on UK Public Services which requires signalling for product placement must be approved by the Director-General.

(See 14.3.27)

14.2.5 Any proposal to broadcast/publish a programme that was originally transmitted on a UK commercial service unconnected with the BBC which includes product placement must be referred in advance to the relevant channel controller and to Editorial Policy.

(See 14.3.29)

14.2.6 All proposals to include product placement on BBC Commercial Services must be approved by a senior editorial figure or, for independent production companies, by the commissioning editor. The senior editorial figure/commissioning editor is responsible for ensuring any relevant onward referrals are made.

(See 14.3.31)

14.2.7 Any proposal for a BBC Commercial Service, including but not limited to video on demand, operating in the UK to digitally insert product placement into any content produced by the BBC which was originally made for a UK Public Service or to insert product placement into any editorial content made by the BBC, or by an independent producer, which was originally commissioned for BBC UK Public Services must be referred to Editorial Policy.

(See 14.3.35)

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