World Events and Use of Social Media

Many of us use social media to discuss world events and share personal news, and it’s important that we all remember that there are rules and expectations for the way we do that. There’s detailed guidance on social media use which can also help everyone who works for the BBC to meet its commitment to impartiality. That guidance applies regardless of whether or not professional or personal social media accounts are used.

Here’s some of those rules: 

  1. Always behave professionally, treating others with respect and courtesy at all times: follow the BBC’s Values.
  2. Don’t bring the BBC into disrepute.
  3. If your work requires you to maintain your impartiality, don’t express a personal opinion on matters of public policy, politics, or ‘controversial subjects’.
  4. Don’t criticise your colleagues in public. Respect the privacy of the workplace and the confidentiality of internal announcements.

You can find the whole guidance note here: Guidance: Individual Use of Social Media - Editorial Guidelines (