Once Upon A Time - 'The Princess and The Pea' (no narration)

Duration 07:18

'The Princess and The Pea' is told using interpretive dance. Five princesses are queuing up to audition to be the prince’s new wife. In this modern slant on a classic tale, the princesses try all sorts to impress the Prince, but he finds all of them a bit of a bore. When the last one comes on and sings him the sweetest song, it’s love at first sight, only the queen isn’t convinced she’s a real princess and sends her to sleep on a tower of mattresses to see if she feels the pea she’s placed at the bottom of the pile. She has a restless night so they know she’s the real deal and everyone is happy.

This clip is from:
Once Upon a Time
First broadcast:
22 March 2011

There are many writing opportunities that can be explored using this clip beyond simply writing the story. Ask the class to watch the clip and as there is no narration, question the children to check their understanding of the events. The children could then design 'WANTED' posters for the prince, detailing what he wants in a future wife. Additionally, they could write a letter in response to this advert in role as one of the five princesses shown in the clip, trying to persuade the prince why they would be his perfect wife. This could also be used to explore PSHE themes around friendships and relationships and likes and dislikes.