A visit to Poole Harbour

Duration 03:52

Barnaby Bear is at the harbour in Poole. This is one of the busiest harbours in the world and there are all sorts of boats including fishing boats, ferries and pleasure cruisers. The lifting bridge is needed to let the big boats into the harbour. Historically, boats have always been important in Poole. The buildings along the quay were once warehouses for spices and oils. After visiting the harbour, Barnaby plays on the beach and learns how to stay safe in the sun.

First broadcast:
17 February 2007

This clip is useful in a study on the harbour town of Poole. The children could investigate the types of boats that enter Poole Harbour and they could research what boats would have bought goods to the warehouses such as spices and oils. Due to Poole being a tourist town the children could produce brochures to encourage people to the area, showing them what is available to do in the locality. This could be accompanied with sun safety and water safety advice leaflets. Children could also investigate the pros and cons of tourism in Poole.