Why is CAD/CAM crucial in the design process?

Duration 03:05

CAD/CAM is the most cost effective design tool that could be used by the Royal Navy. With over a million parts and 600 designers, the Royal Navy relies on CAD/CAM. Computer simulation is used to try out and test real life issues. Potential problems are reviewed and changes can be made. At this stage of the design process CAD/CAM saves the Royal Navy time and money. Take a 'virtual' tour as a design engineer aboard HMS Astute.

First broadcast:
27 June 2010

Could be used to show how Computer Aided Design (CAD) software can be used to simulate the performance of materials and structures without the need for expensive physical testing models or prototypes.

The clip might be used alongside a unit or work focusing on 3D, or 'parametric', CAD software and 'Finite Element Analysis' (FEA) functions, for testing the materials and structure of drawings. In addition to the practical application of CAD in design and testing, the clip might be used to provide information, advice and guidance on careers in naval architecture and design engineering.