In my shoes – Grandma and Mel’s experience of learning to dance

Duration 13:15

A young girl named Mel finds her grandmother's dancing trophy. She asks grandma about her experience as a dancer and grandma explains how she had worked hard to be successful. Mel's mother is reluctant to let her take dance lessons due to her lack of confidence and so Mel asks grandma to teach her.

First broadcast:
23 March 2012

After viewing the clip, children could discuss how we change as we get older, recognising how we can't all do the same things, and celebrating differences. The clip could be used as an introduction to a topic on goals. Children could consider how to achieve goals and share goals or life ambitions with each other. It could also be used to stimulate discussions on how families support each other to achieve. Children could hot-seat the characters and ask each other questions during role-play, and freeze-frame scenes to reflect on why people may say and react in the way that they do. It can also be used to encourage empathy towards elderly people, recognising the difficulties people sometimes encounter by life's changes.