Using grams and kilograms

Duration 03:01

At the Panto House, Buttons is washing the Ugly Sisters' bloomers. He hangs out the washing to dry and notices that the line takes a maximum weight of 2000g. He must weigh each pair of knickers. He uses scales and finds they each weigh 250g. He counts 10 pairs of bloomers. Now he must work out if he can hang up the bloomers and the 315g tights without the line breaking. Three questions of increasing difficulty help to structure the solution and set related weight problems.

This clip is from:
Let's Do Maths!
First broadcast:
22 March 2012

This could be used for solving problems which require conversions between grams and kilograms. Pupils could be given opportunities to estimate and weigh real objects and use scales. As part of a unit of work on weight and measures, extensions can include identifying missing numbers and points on a scale and finding fractions of measures.