A young boy learns about the negative impact of bad food choices. The main character, Tommy, is given money by his mum to buy a piece of fruit after school. He listens to his friends and goes to the chip shop instead. He then disappears into an alien world, where he is taught about the negative impact of bad food choices.

This clip is from:
Around Scotland, Food Matters
First broadcast:
25 February 2008

Class discussion points could include: What is inside fruit that is good for your body? What is inside chips that are bad for you? When the clip talks about the side effects of unhealthy choices go into greater depth exploring what it looks likes on the inside of your body. Talk about how sometimes the bad things in food can’t be seen like sugars, salts and fats. However, the impact on your body can be felt or seen. When the little boy was asked just to eat the fat why did he refuse? The class could gather different food packs and total the amount of fats in them.