A girl struggles to understand how to keep a friendship

Duration 14:11

Megan and Jess are friends. Megan puts clips in her friend's hair and they laugh at the feather boas they put on. At school they try out for the relay team. Jess is the faster runner but she slows down to let her friend win. They are both selected for the school team and during the main race, Jess finally runs her fastest and beats Megan. Jess becomes popular with her classmates, which makes Megan unsure about how to handle her friend’s popularity as her mother is always pushing her to be the best.

First broadcast:
23 March 2012

Students could explore relationships between friends with the class; how it feels to be a friend and have a friend. The class could brainstorm the qualities of a true friend and consider what a true friend is over and above 'being friends'. With reference to the clip, you could ask why Jess let Megan win. What was she concerned about? Was she being a true friend? What did the teacher mean when she said 'Do you think you'd be doing Megan a favour?'
The children could explore honesty and trust in greater depth; you could invite them to think of a time when they found it hard to do or say something because they were worried about a friend's reaction. The class could discuss strategies for managing these situations. Do they think Jess and Megan's friendship was stronger for Jess being honest?