Joey's first fight (drama in Dutch with English subtitles)

Duration 14:44

Joey dreams of being a successful boxer, and is at the start of his career with his first ever junior fight. Everyone is rooting for him, but he loses and is angry and upset. Only when he sees the boxer he idolises also lose a fight, does he start to understand that sport is not just about winning.

NOTE: In Dutch, with English subtitles.

This clip is from:
Joey's First Fight
First broadcast:
21 September 2012

This clip could be used to promote discussions about goals, the need for dedication and commitment to achieve a desired outcome. It could also be used to reflect on emotions experienced when things do not go as planned and how to deal with disappointment and to discuss the attributes of a good role model. Children could produce a poster to promote sporting qualities. Children could reflect on their own role models and debate which desirable attributes they have to be a good role model to others.