How Indian monsoon rains are caused

Duration 08:12

Presenters Kate Humble and young physicist Helen Czerski go to India to explain what causes monsoons. The difference between the way solids and liquids respond to the Sun's heat is explained. Helen experiences a monsoon hail storm in Kerala. Using graphics and real footage she shows that it's the differences in heating between land and sea that is critical. They are a vital part of India’s climate because 80% of India’s rain falls during monsoons.

First broadcast:
3 May 2012

The physical factors which control the formation of the monsoon are clearly demonstrated. Students could list the differences between the thermal characteristics of land and sea and how they absorb energy in different ways. If the clip is paused at 5 minutes 42 seconds, then it is possible to create an annotated diagram of India showing the process of convection and passage of the monsoon rains.