How is steel made?

Duration 09:05

Curious Cat, an animated cat asks two children if they’d like to find out how biscuit tins are made. Curious Cat shows the children footage of iron ore being mined, before sending them off to a steel works. An expert shows them piles of rock in the raw materials yard and explains how a blast furnace works. The children observe the iron being turned into steel in a B.O.S. plant and finally the solid steel being rolled and shaped into coils. The guide then takes the children to a biscuit tin factory where they see the steel cut, printed and shaped into biscuit tins. The children take their own biscuit tins back to the classroom and tell Curious Cat all that they've learned.

This clip is from:
Steel, Electricity, Sewage
First broadcast:
14 March 2012

This clip can be used as an introduction to materials and their uses. Pupils could write a report on how steel is made. It could also provide a discussion point to how other materials are made. The clip could be used as the start to an investigation - how many different uses can you find for steel? It might also be used as a stimulus for discussion about recycling and sustainability. Pupils could investigate how steel is recycled and reused.