Mechanical engineering Class Clips

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How smart materials are used in renewable energy solutions

How smart materials help wind turbines to vanish from air traffic control screens.

How to assemble the wing of the world's largest airliner

The production of this revolutionary 30 tonne wing is revealed.

How to test a Superjumbo wing

The Superjumbo wing must flex and twist and undergo stresses and movement in flight

International Space Station engineering

Tim Kopra describes the importance of engineering in the International Space Station.

Robotic engineering

A description of the way in which robots are used in the battlefield to save lives.

Why explore space?

Tim Peake describes how to become an astronaut and why we should send people into space.

Why is CAD/CAM crucial in the design process?

Cost effective use of CAD/CAM on the design of a new nuclear submarine.

Why is testing essential in design and build?

The testing process for the weapons system on a submarine.