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Getting around China by train

Travelling by train in China and buying a ticket-the cost depends on softness of the seat!

Nightlife in Beijing

More and more young people in Beijing like going out in the evening

Ordering drinks and juices

An introduction to ordering drinks in Chinese.

Ordering food in a restaurant

An introduction to some key vocabulary for ordering food in a restaurant.

Shopping and Chinese medicine

Shopping for paintings and Chinese medicine in Beijing.

Shopping in Chinese

How to haggle in Chinese and how cloisonné vases are made.

Sports and physical exercise

Chinese people practise all sorts of sports and physical exercise.

The family and relationships

An introduction to useful vocabulary for the family.

The Great Wall and how to get there by bus

The Great Wall is a staggering feat of engineering, but how do you get there by bus?

The Peking Opera School

Peking Opera is one of the oldest and most popular forms of traditional Chinese opera.