by Aiden Byrne

A cheap, vegetable Thai curry. The root veg have a sweet taste that benefits from a little spice. Make sure you're using vegetarian curry paste if cooking for veggies or vegans.

You can freeze the curry in portion-sized amounts, then defrost for a quick meal. (But don't freeze the rice - always cook it fresh.)

Main course

Buyer's guide

Look out for brands that use only 100% pure coconut.


Keep in a cool, dark place away from heat. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use up quickly otherwise it may become rancid or mouldy. Store in an airtight container to prevent the block from drying out.


Add to South East Asian, South Indian or Caribbean curries, soups, and rice and fish dishes; it is also used to mellow the fieriness of spicy sauces. Grate or chop into small pieces and add gradually until you have reached the desired consistency; alternatively, reconstitute in boiling water to produce thinner, more liquid coconut milk.