How to have a cracking vegan Easter

Easter is full of culinary fun, but what if you're vegan? There are loads of ways to eat well at Easter without tucking into meat, eggs or dairy. If you’ve recently become vegan, or you’re hosting someone who is, we’ve got easy recipes to make sure you have a very happy Easter!

Vegan hot cross buns

Rise and shine

Vegan hot cross buns, French toast or pancakes will hit the sweet spot for breakfast. But if you prefer a savoury start to the day, have a go at a full vegan fry-up.

Vegan pancakes
Vegan fry-up
Vegan French toast

Fake it to bake it

Nowadays it's easy to make cakes without eggs or dairy products. With just a couple of quick switches, your favourite Easter cakes and bakes can be made vegan, and no-one will know!

Ground flaxseed acts as a natural binder and raising agent; simply mix one part flaxseed to three parts water. Non-dairy milks provide the moisture cakes would otherwise get from eggs. Try coconut-based milks to bring a coconut flavour to lemon cake – just be sure to use the unsweetened variety so you can control the level of sweetness.

Creamy frostings for vegan carrot cake can easily be made with dairy-free cheeses, creams and baking spread substitutes. With no raw egg worries, you can eat it straight from the bowl too!

Vegan lemon drizzle
Vegan cinnamon buns
Vegan peanut choco cake

The pie’s the limit

Whether topped with puff, filo or potato, reach for the pie! Most shop-bought pastry is made with oil rather than butter, but it’s easy to make your own vegan pastry from scratch too.

Mushroom pastry pies and tofu pastry pies are delicious, while pulses and veg are perfect for 'shepherdless' pies. There's a great range of vegan cheeses which are lovely in pies, and nutritional yeast is invaluable for providing a savoury kick to sauces while boosting your intake of B-vitamins.

Vegan pies are perfect if you’re cooking for a group, but can also be portioned up and eaten cold, or frozen.

Vegan filo pie
Vegan shepherd's pie
Mushroom and ale pie

A side note

If you like to keep it traditonal with an Easter Sunday lunch, Yorkshire puddings can easily be made vegan thanks to the not-so-yum sounding xanthan gum. The key to perfectly raised Yorkies is to have very hot oil when you pour in the batter and to NEVER open the door during cooking.

No one wants a Yorkshire without gravy, so bring on the umami with dried mushrooms and yeast extract simmered with vegan wine, woody herbs and a bit of garlic. Strain or not strain, the choice is yours.

Vegan Sunday lunch

Put veg centre stage

Easter is all about new beginnings and what better time to let go of tradition and give vibrant plant-based dishes centre stage? Mediterranean-style stews of butter beans and colourful veg will be a filling and pretty as a picture. Or try whole-roasted cauliflower dyed with sunny spices to bring on the springtime vibes.

Lokanta stew
Slow-cooked tomato and fennel stew
Whole-roasted cauliflower

Vegan gifts

If giving foodie presents at Easter is your thing, biscuits and cookies can easily be made vegan using very dark chocolate, arrowroot and ground almonds. The quality of vegan chocolate hitting the shelves is getting better and better and can be used to make cookies, confectionery and cake decorations.

Lemon and thyme cookies
Vegan chocolate cookies
Vegan chocolate cupcakes