by Mary Berry

Shoulder of lamb is quite fatty, but that’s what makes the meat so sweet and succulent, and by cooking it for a long time at a low temperature, the meat becomes so tender it just falls off the bone. This is the perfect roast to put in the oven and leave while you are out as it cooks slowly in the oven and you will return to a house full of wonderful aromas and meltingly tender meat. Serve it with fresh mint sauce.

Main course

Buyer's guide

Gravy browning is not widely available – many supermarkets have stopped stocking it. However, some still sell it labelled simply as ‘browning’; it is also available online.


Store in a dry cupboard.


In addition to browning gravies, it can also be used to add colour to stews, soups, microwave-cooked meats, cakes, icing and home-brewed beers. Use gravy browning judiciously, otherwise the dish will become unattractively brown. If you cannot obtain it, substitute with caramel food colouring, Worcestershire sauce, instant coffee granules, dry-roasted plain flour or browned onions, depending on the dish you are colouring.