by Georgina Mackenzie

The classic summer dessert gets a tropical makeover with mango and passion fruit. Using ready-made meringues means this sweet and zingy version is ready in minutes.


Buyer's guide

Passion fruit become more wrinkly as they ripen. Avoid fruit that feels light for its size or is very wrinkled.


Strained passion fruit juice freezes well.


Both the seeds and pulp of passion fruit can be added to fruit salads and pavlovas - only a small amount is needed as the fruit has a strong fragrant flavour. Use passion fruit juice in place of lemon juice in fruit curds, syllabubs and icing. (Four passion fruit yield about 50ml/2fl oz strained juice.) The juice is quite gloopy and is easier to strain if the pulp and seeds are first gently warmed with a little of the sugar specified in the recipe. Passion fruit are also good in drinks, jellies and mousses.