Skill level


Equipment you will need for this technique

Frying pan


Pancakes can be made easily by using a 'cup' ratio of two eggs to the same level of flour and twice as much milk. Don't forget to add a little salt. Watch the quick video to find out how to make perfect pancakes every time.

Extra hints and tips:

• For a lump-free batter, make a well in the flour and slowly incorporate the liquid.

• Wipe your frying pan with the butter using kitchen paper.

• For extra rich pancakes, use one large egg plus two small yolks.

• For softer pancakes, turn the heat down after adding the batter to the frying pan.

• To do the perfect pancake flip, wait until one side of the batter has cooked and shuffle the pancake to the front edge of the pan then, confidently, flip the pancake with a good flick of the wrist.