TV's most famous Time Lord has been to different worlds and ages, but what do these journeys look like? Take a trip through our interactive map and see archive clips too.

Number 76 Totter’s Lane. As any fan of Doctor Who will tell you that’s where the famous Time Lord and the TARDIS first appeared on our television sets. Since that day in 1963 we’ve seen eleven Doctors and their assistants travel through time to different worlds, facing threats in all shapes and sizes.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this iconic sci-fi programme, we at BBC Future have created our own version of time travel by tracking the Doctors’ trips in one interactive infographic. What do the Doctor's journeys through time look like? Click on any doctor to see their journeys; click on each path to learn more, and to see images or video clips from the episodes.

We recruited a crack team of Whovians to compile the list, including crowdsourcing some data. But let us know if something is amiss. After all, unlike the good Doctor, we are only human.

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